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Are John Deere Mowers Worth The Money?

Are John Deere Mowers Worth The Money?

Spending a lot of money on a lawn mower can seem like a tough pill to swallow. Just so long as it cuts the grass, that’s all that matters right? Well yes and no.

According to Consumer Reports (an unbiased company that tests products), John Deere mowers are the best-ranked mowers out there. They were given an Excellent on both accounts for reliability and customer satisfaction. When well maintained, John Deere mowers can last a long time.

With all of the brands out there that are offering lawn mowers, it can become overwhelming to shop for one. Everyone sings the praises of the John Deere riding mowers, but let’s take a look at all the features that the mower provides and find out just how trustworthy the tractor is.

Should You Buy a John Deere Mower?

You’ve heard it before, “Nothing runs like a Deere“. The slogan seems to be the first thing that will come out of every salesman’s mouth about their John Deere products. But I bet you are wondering just how true that statement is.

The fact of the matter is: your Deere can run as well and for as long as you want it to. The problem that most consumers have with lawnmowers today is that they think the more they spend on the mower, the less they should have to worry about maintenance. This is certainly not the case. It does not matter one bit how much you spend on your mower; if you are not going to take care of the machine, the amount of work you put into caring for it will start to show based on how long it lasts.

A John Deere mower can be an excellent machine that will be worth every penny you spend on it. When Consumer Reports tests out lawnmowers, they try to make the process as unbiased as possible and really put each lawnmower through the wringer.

They plant 1,800 pounds of grass seed and test mowers out by cutting 500,000 square feet. The mower will be tested in the three modes of mulching, side-discharging, and bagging. The landscape is not just straight and flat but incorporates slopes, ditches, and turf to really get an idea as to how the mower performs. They ended up collecting 3,000 pounds of clippings!

In the end, John Deere took the trophy home with a rating of Excellent in reliability and customer satisfaction. The best riding mower, according to them, was the John Deere S240-48. It received excellent accounts on all aspects and had a comfortable riding seat.

How expensive are John Deere mowers?

John Deere mowers cost a pretty penny when they’re brand new. There is no way around that, other than buying one used. The John Deere S240-48, mentioned above as the best riding mower out there is listed on the John Deere website at $2,899. John Deere’s are expensive for a couple of reasons. First, they are a name-brand. Secondly, they do their job well and can cover a lot of hilly terrains and cut through thick grass.

Below are popular models, the features they possess, and their cost. Source

John Deere S240
(Lawn Tractor)
-Pedals that are side-by-side as well as backward
-Powerful 18.5 HP engine
-Can operate longer because of a fuel tank that can hold 3.3 gallons of gas
-Twin Cylinder that keeps the mower low on noise and vibration
-Has a mower wash port
-Cruise control
-3-year warranty, bumper-to-bumper
John Deere Z375R
(Zero-Turn Mower)
-Powerful 25 HP V-Twin engine
-54-inch mower deck
-Can fuel up to 2.1 gallons
-7.0 mph mowing speed
-Large front and rear wheels give a smooth operation
-Dual transmission and 1-inch diameter axle, providing efficiency and durability
-2-year warranty, bumper-to-bumper
John Deere X700 Signature Series (Lawn Tractor)-24-25.5 HP engine
-4 wheel steering
-Tilt and power steering with a hydraulic lift
-MulchControl attachment
-48 in. Accel Deep Mower Deck
-Deck Height Adjustment
-Drive-over Deck
-4-year warranty, bumper-to-bumper
John Deere LA105
(Lawn Tractor)
-19.5 HP engine
-Belt driven gear transmission (five forward one rear gear)
-No-tools oil drain valve
-Adjustable seat
$1,499 (2010)

Alternatives to a John Deere mower

John Deere mowers are not the end-all-be-all because there are alternatives for those of you who would feel more comfortable with a different brand.

For lawn tractors, the runner-up to John Deere in Consumer Reports was Husqvarna, which was rated Very Good for reliability and customer satisfaction. Following Husqvarna was Cub Cadet and Simplicity, and they were rated Good for reliability and Very Good for customer satisfaction.

For zero-turn mowers, the top winners were not actually John Deere, but Bad Boy and Gravely. They both received overall Excellent ratings. John Deere followed closely behind.

All of the alternatives mentioned above are great alternatives to a John Deere mower and can do the job well.

How to make your John Deere last longer

Your John Deere needs to be taken care of. None of the features of a John Deere mower mention being able to repair and maintain themselves. It is up to you to do that. So, how can you best do that?

The best way to take care of your lawn mower is to change the oil as needed, clean or replace air filters, and replace bearings periodically. Keep joints well greased, transaxle fluids changed out, and any other filters cleaned out. Patch up holes in a tire immediately rather than trying to “just get by for the day”. Sharpen cutting blades and replace them over time, hose off your mower after each use to keep it clean, and keep your mower in a climate-controlled area.

All of these actions will keep your mower in the best condition possible. This will increase the longevity of your mower for years and years, therefore the work you put into maintaining it will be worth it!

John Deere mowers have a lot to offer their buyers, and can do their jobs great! Don’t hesitate in looking into buying one because you will find yourself thanking yourself for years to come. They can be worth every penny you spend on them if you take care of them, and they will make your lawn the envy of the neighborhood!

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