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What Is The Honda Grom Tire Size?

What Is The Honda Grom Tire Size?

The Honda Grom’s front tires measure 120/70-12, and the back tires measure 130/70-12. These sizes are for all models of the Honda Grom.

What size are the rims on a Honda Grom?

The Honda Grom has 12-inch rims as part of its stock configuration. The smaller rim is designed to continue the Honda Grom’s style of compact dimensions and lightweight. The 12-inch rims balance maneuverability and stability, making the Grom agile and easy to handle in urban environments.

What tire size does a Grom have?

The tire sizes for a Honda Grom vary between the front and rear of the bike. For the front, 120/70-12 tires are featured on each model of the Honda Grom; 130/70-12 tires are placed on the back.

On a stock Honda Grom, there is a sticker located on the rear mudguard right above the swing arm on the kickstand side that displays tire information. This information sticker provides information on the stock tires, the necessary cold tire pressure, the max weight capacity and the tire size.

It is necessary to remember that the information provided on the tire information sticker may not be accurate for any after-market tires.

The Tire Information sticker on my 2018 Honda Grom

Are there any added benefits to bigger tires?

Installing bigger tires on a Honda Grom can benefit riders seeking certain advantages in their riding experience. The Honda Grom is a compact, lightweight motorcycle equipped initially with smaller tires to match its size and intended purpose. However, by choosing a more prominent option, riders can enhance aspects of the Grom’s performance and overall ride quality.

One of the primary benefits of fitting bigger tires on a Honda Grom is improved stability and traction. This can be particularly beneficial when riding bikes on uneven or challenging terrain, as the increased tire width provides excellent stability and confidence during cornering or maneuvering through tight spaces.

Additionally, going larger can offer a smoother and more comfortable ride. The increased sidewall height, often accompanying a bigger tire size, helps absorb bumps and road imperfections more effectively, resulting in a more forgiving and less jarring rider experience.

It’s worth noting there are some things to consider when contemplating tire size for a Honda Grom. Switching to bigger tires may affect the Grom’s speedometer accuracy, and modifications to the suspension or front fender clearance might be necessary to accommodate the increase in size. Therefore, consulting with a trusted mechanic is vital to avoid any potential cons or safety concerns.

When changing Honda Grom tires, it is important to follow local guidelines and regulations to ensure your Honda Grom remains highway legal. Read our previous article, Is the Honda Grom Highway Legal, to learn about some of these regulations.

Recommended Honda Grom Tires

On my 2018 Honda Grom, I opted to change out the stock tires for the Maxxis M6024 knobby off-road tires (link to Amazon). I have put over 4,000 miles on the knobby tires, and this option for front and rear tires provides a smooth and stable riding experience, both on and off-road. They also can significantly improve the performance and tire grip of the bike in an off-road course setting versus regular street tires. Additionally, the wear on the tires, primarily due to street miles, is barely starting to show.

The Maxxis M6024 knobby tires on my 2018 Honda Grom
The stock tires on a Honda Grom

Furthermore, the Maxxis tires can positively impact the bike’s aesthetics and give it a more aggressive, unique look. Many riders opt for customization to personalize their motorcycles, and installing a different tire design or size can be a part of that process.


In conclusion, The Honda Grom has a rim size of 12 inches with front tires that measure 120/70-12 and back tires measuring 130/70-12.

Additionally, selecting larger tires for a Honda Grom can enhance stability, traction and add to overall ride comfort. With proper research and consideration, riders can find the ideal tire size and type that suits their preferences and improves their overall riding experience on the Honda Grom.

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