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What Is The Honda Grom Top Speed?

What Is The Honda Grom Top Speed?

Are you ready to explore the thrilling world of the Honda Grom? Hold onto your helmets as we dive into the exhilarating top speed of the Honda Grom and some performance enhancements to get the absolute most out of your Honda Grom. Get ready for an unforgettable ride!

Honda advertises the top speeds of the Grom to be from 55-59 mph. I’ve personally maxed out at 59 mph on my unmodified Grom, but with engine and exhaust system improvements, suspension adjustments, and other performance mods, some riders have reported reaching speeds of over 73 mph!

Exploring the Honda Grom Top Speed

Claimed Top Speed

To start, let’s take a look at the top advertised speeds for the various Honda Grom models. Please note that these speeds are provided by Honda and can vary depending on several factors, such as rider weight, road conditions, and modifications (source and source).

Honda Grom ModelAdvertised Top Speed
3rd generation (2021-2024)59 mph
2nd generation (2017-2020)56 mph
1st generation (2014-2016)55 mph

The Honda Grom’s claimed top speed varies between an exhilarating 55-59 mph, depending on the model year and updates. With such an impressive range, it’s no wonder the Grom has become a favorite among riders looking for an approachable and fun ride around town.

Personal Experience

The Honda Grom is an absolute blast to ride, with a claimed top speed that will leave you grinning from ear to ear. As a long-time owner and an avid Honda Grom enthusiast, I have had the opportunity to test various models extensively. While the Honda Grom’s advertised top speed is pretty accurate, it’s important to consider real-world performance. During my testing, I personally achieved a top speed of 59 mph on my 2018 Honda Grom, surpassing the advertised limit of 56 mph. But how does this speed hold up in the real world, and what factors can affect it?

Honda Grom Top Speed: Volume IV

Real-World Factors Affecting Top Speed

While the Grom’s claimed top speed is impressive for a bike that small in size, there are real-world factors that can impact its actual performance. Wind resistance, rider weight, and terrain can all affect the Grom’s top speed, especially when trying to reach highway speeds.

To help riders optimize their gear shifts for better performance, the third-generation Grom features a gear position indicator. This nifty addition allows you to maximize the bike’s capabilities, even in challenging conditions. So, while strong winds or hilly terrain might temporarily slow you down, the newer Grom’s advanced features ensure you’ll still have a thrilling ride, especially when you hit the new fifth gear.


The Honda Grom utilizes a manual transmission with four or five gears, depending on the model. The gear ratios determine the bike’s acceleration and top speed. The Grom’s gear ratios are optimized for low- to mid-range power delivery, allowing it to excel in urban environments. However, this focus on low-end torque compromises the top speed potential. The relatively short final drive ratio also limits the bike’s ability to reach higher speeds.

Brake System

The braking system of a Honda Grom plays a crucial role in influencing its top speed and overall performance.

The 2022 Honda Grom and the 2023 Honda Grom utilize a hydraulic dual-piston caliper system within their braking mechanism. This design ensures efficient and reliable stopping power. The dual-piston caliper enhances the force applied to the brake rotor, resulting in improved braking performance and shorter stopping distances. This feature is beneficial to new riders when approaching higher speeds, as it enables riders to slow down or come to a complete stop quickly and safely (source).

Additionally, the presence of a piston caliper further enhances the braking performance of the Honda Grom. The piston caliper utilizes hydraulic pressure to clamp down on the brake rotor, providing precise and responsive braking. This design ensures that the braking force is evenly distributed, promoting balanced deceleration and minimizing the risk of skidding or losing control.

With these braking capabilities, riders can confidently push the Grom to higher speeds, knowing they have the means to bring the bike to a controlled stop if things get rough.

Clutch System

Furthermore, the inclusion of a PGM-FI clutch (Programmed Fuel Injection) technology in the Honda Grom’s clutch system also influences its top speed. PGM-FI optimizes fuel delivery and throttle response, allowing for smoother acceleration and precise control over the engine’s power output. This technology ensures that power is efficiently transferred to the wheels, enabling the Grom to achieve its top speed more effectively.

The PGM-FI clutch system on my 2018 Honda Grom
The PGM-FI clutch system on my 2018 Honda Grom

It is worth noting that the non-ABS version of the Honda Grom also impacts its top speed. ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) is a safety feature that prevents the wheels from locking up during hard braking, enhancing stability and control. While the non-ABS version may lack this specific feature, it still benefits from the dual-piston caliper and other braking components mentioned earlier, providing reliable and effective stopping power.


The terrain on which a Honda Grom is ridden can also have an influence on its speed performance. The Honda Grom is very compact and lightweight in size, making it well-suited for smooth urban roads. On a flat, well-paved surface, the Honda Grom can reach its maximum speed more easily, allowing riders to experience the thrill of its top speed. 

However, uneven and uphill slopes can reduce the maximum speed performance of the Honda Grom as the engine has to work harder to overcome gravity and fight the vibrations and instability produced from bumps, potentially limiting the bike’s top speed. 

It is important for you to adjust your expectations and ride within your own safety limits when facing challenging terrains to ensure a smooth and controlled experience on your Honda Grom.

Performance Enhancements for Higher Speeds

This is How I Made My Honda Grom FASTER | Intake & ECU Flash

If you’re looking to squeeze even more speed and excitement out of Honda Groms, there are several performance enhancements that can help. From exhaust system improvements to suspension adjustments, the following modifications can truly unleash the Grom’s potential.

Whether you’re looking for a little extra horsepower or a complete overhaul, there are plenty of options available to customize your Grom. With the right modifications, you can make your Grom faster, allowing it to be more capable by reaching highway speed, more agile, and more fun.

To unlock the Honda Grom’s full potential and get the most out of its top speed, consider swapping out its stock parts for performance-enhancing upgrades like an aftermarket exhaust system and stiffer suspension components.

Let’s get this Grom flying!

Transmission Adjustments

Modifying the transmission of Honda Groms can be a viable option for those seeking to extract more speed from this low-end torque machine. By modifying the transmission, riders can enhance the Grom’s acceleration and potentially achieve higher top speeds.

The First and Second generation Honda Groms (2014-2020) have a four-speed transmission, whereas the new Grom third generation (2021-2024) has a five-speed transmission. This added fifth gear produces some benefits and advantages to the past models of the compact miniature motorcycle that is the Honda Grom.

Some of the advantages of a fifth gear include improved highway capabilities, better fuel efficiency, and produce a smoother riding experience by making for smoother transitions and less “jumpiness” between gears. This would be particularly useful in urban riding, where frequent gear changes are necessary.

Another advantage of the five-speed transmission is that it can enhance the longevity of your Honda Grom engine. By allowing the engine to run at lower RPMs at higher speeds, a fifth gear could potentially prolong the lifespan of the engine by reducing wear and tear and aid in not over-revving the motorcycle. This is yet another awesome advantage offered by the 2022 Honda Grom and the 2023 Honda Grom.

However, it’s important to approach transmission modifications cautiously, as this can affect the bike’s overall performance and may require adjustments in other areas, such as suspension and braking systems. Additionally, altering the Grom’s gearbox could also impact the fuel economy rating of the bike. Seeking advice from experienced mechanics or knowledgeable individuals with expertise in Honda Grom modifications is highly recommended to ensure the modifications are performed correctly and safely.

Fuel Tank Modification

An additional way to get the most out of the top speed Honda Grom is modifying the fuel tank. Relocating or adding a smaller or larger fuel tank can provide optimal weight distribution, ultimately influencing the bike’s overall performance and speed. A fuel tank with a lower fuel capacity could also reduce the curb weight of the motorcycles, which can also help maintain optimal weight distribution.

One significant advantage of a fuel tank modification is the ability to fine-tune the weight distribution of the bikes. By adjusting the fuel tank position, the rider could shift the center of gravity forward or backward to suit their preferences and riding style. This adjustment allows for better stability and improved handling, especially during high-speed maneuvers. With the curb weight distributed optimally, the bikes can maintain stability and traction at higher speeds, resulting in an enhanced top speed performance.

Seat Height Adjustment

Furthermore, adjusting the seat height on the bikes offers advantages in terms of rider comfort and control. This can help riders can find their preferred riding position, ensuring that they have a secure grip on the handlebars and proper control over the bike.

A comfortable and well-positioned rider can effectively manage the bike’s throttle, brakes, and overall maneuverability, thereby maximizing its top speed potential. On my 2018 Honda Grom, I swapped out the stock seat for a flatter, more comfortable seat design (link to Amazon) that allows me to get into the best optimal riding position, giving me the ideal grip and control on the motorcycle.

The seat replacement on my 2018 Honda Grom, versus the stock seat (pictured below).
The seat replacement on my 2018 Honda Grom
The stock seat that came with my 2018 Honda Grom

Additionally, seat height adjustment also contributes to the rider’s confidence and balance, particularly during cornering and quick direction changes. By finding the optimal seat height, riders can position themselves in a way that provides better leverage and stability, allowing them to navigate curves and corners more efficiently.

This translates into improved control and reduced risk of losing balance, enabling the Grom to maintain its speed through turns and ultimately achieve a higher top speed.

Exhaust System Improvements

Another way to increase the Grom’s top speed is by improving its exhaust system. Upgrading to a full system aftermarket exhaust can greatly enhance engine performance and airflow, resulting in a noticeable boost in speed.

On top of that, the upgrades could also provide a more aggressive and satisfying sound, adding to the overall experience of the bike itself.

Suspension Adjustments

Suspension adjustments can also play a role in enhancing the Grom’s speed and handling. Adjusting the rear suspension sprocket to a larger size can help improve the bike’s speed performance; however, this could very well come with the consequence of a loss in torque and overall power under the throttle. However, if you want your Honda Grom to be more responsive and nimble in stop-and-go traffic or tight corners rather than top speed on a straightaway, a smaller rear sprocket size is most likely your best bet. 

It’s important to note that changing sprockets on not only the Honda Grom but a motorcycle, in general, may require minor adjustments to the chain length and, in some cases, the speedometer calibration. Always consult the bike’s owner’s manual or seek advice from a professional to ensure proper installation when modifying your bike in any way.

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