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What to Do if a Chainsaw Won’t Start Without Starting Fluid

What to Do if a Chainsaw Won’t Start Without Starting Fluid

Starting fluid makes starting up a chainsaw a lot easier than relying on the gasoline chemical reaction alone. Gasoline can get old and lose the ability to spark, so starting fluid makes starting up your chainsaw a much easier process.

There are many reasons why a chainsaw will not start without starting fluid. The gasoline in the chainsaw might be old and need to be replaced with fresh gas. The air filter may be dirty and clogged and might need to be replaced with a new one, allowing clean air to react with the gasoline.

Trying one or both of these things can help fix the problem. However, if you are still experiencing issues with your chainsaw starting without starting fluid, then something else might be wrong with your chainsaw.

Reasons Why Your Chainsaw Won’t Start

There could be many reasons why your chainsaw won’t start. The first thing to look at is its age. Is your chainsaw getting old, hard to work with, and rusty? If yes, there are a few things you can do to try and fix it. If the solutions don’t help, then it might be time to replace the equipment.

To start up an old chainsaw, look at a couple of things that can age fast and might need replacing. Firstly, check the gasoline. When was the last time gas was put into the chainsaw? If you can’t remember, then the gas is probably old and needs to be replaced.

Old gas does not spark or start reactions in the engine, so, replace the gas with fresh gasoline and see if there is a difference.

One tip is to use ethanol-free gas. Ethanol attracts water and can dull the strength of the gasoline over a short period of time, thus making starting the engine of a chainsaw hard to do. Fresh gas that is ethanol-free will last longer and work better. It can help solve the problem of your chainsaw not starting up, so give this a try and see if your chainsaw runs better.

Remember that when putting in gas you should not overfill it or underfill it. There should be a recommended fill line. If not, look at the owner’s manual or your manufacturer’s website and see how much gas they recommend.

Another thing you can try if your chainsaw won’t start without starting fluid is replacing the air filter. If you have used starter fluid, then you know that you have to put the starter fluid into the air intake. Over time, your air filter could have gotten clogged with starter fluid, dust, or dirt, and it might be time to replace it.

Remember, a gas-powered chainsaw needs both fuel AND air for the combustion process.

Replacing the air filter will help with the airflow the chainsaw needs for the chemical reaction for it to start, and it can help it to keep running smoothly. You will be giving the engine fresh air to work with, and it can help the engine start faster.

You can also check the spark plug and see if it is in good condition. If the spark plug looks rusty, old, broken, or in bad shape, you might also look into getting that fixed, cleaned, or replaced. If fixing the gas and air filter doesn’t fix your problem, then you need to move deeper, and the spark plug likely needs to be fixed before your chainsaw will start to work properly again.

How to Get a Chainsaw to Spark

There are a few steps you can try if your chainsaw is not getting any spark and having a hard time starting up. First, if you are not getting a spark, then you need to check your spark plug. It is likely that your spark plug is bad. This could be from damage, age, or any number of issues.

If the spark plug is the problem, replacing it should instantly fix your chainsaw.

You can check the carburetor and see if anything on it is broken. If so, you might need it fixed or completely replaced. It might simply need to be cleaned and cleared from all of the build-ups that have clogged it.

If your engine is not turning on at all, then you can also check the ignition coil. No spark can mean that your ignition coil is defective and needs to be replaced. If you have never replaced the ignition coil, then you should definitely check it and see if it has gone bad from repeated use.

Fixing this can help your chainsaw get the spark back, and it can help with starting up your chainsaw faster.

Starting Fluid for a Chainsaw

If your chainsaw works when you use starting fluid, but doesn’t work when you don’t use starting fluid, try the above recommendations to see if your problem is solved. If not, then you should consider taking it to be fixed, or just continue to use starter fluid.

There could be a problem with your chainsaw that is not easy to recognize, so consider taking it to a professional and see if they can help you out. They might be able to spot the problem and fix it or tell you how to fix it. They could also recommend products to fix the issue and prevent it from occurring again in the future.

Many people continue using a chainsaw that requires starter fluid to run.

Before continuing with starter fluid, check the gas and air filter and make sure they are in good condition. This way you can either solve your problem, or you can make your chainsaw safer to use when adding more starter fluid.

How often do you use your chainsaw? If you do not use it often, then you are okay to use starter fluid to start the chainsaw up. If you use your chainsaw frequently, then you will want to find the root problem as to why your chainsaw won’t start without starter fluid. This way you won’t have to use starter fluid every time you use your chainsaw.

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