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How To Fix Yamaha YXZ1000R Transmission Problems

How To Fix Yamaha YXZ1000R Transmission Problems

The Yamaha YXZ1000R is a lot of fun to ride, but they have a reputation for transmission trouble. If you ever experience any issues with your transmission, you may wonder what there is you can do to get your machine back running again. So, how do you fix Yamaha YXZ1000R transmission problems?

To fix Yamaha YXZ1000R transmission problems, you must first identify precisely what is wrong. Once you have determined if it is the clutch, fluids, or gear assembly, you can start repairing the issue at hand.

Depending on what exactly is wrong with your transmission, you may need to follow different steps to fix it. Read more to find out how to fix the transmission problems for your Yamaha YXZ1000R. 

1. Make Sure You Know How To Use the Paddle Shifters

The paddle shifters are a great feature of this Yamaha YXZ1000R because they allow users to shift their car with their hands rather than their feet. It is a lot of fun to use, but you’ll want to ensure you are using them correctly. 

Because it is a new feature for many side-by-side riders, you’ll want to take some time to learn how to drive the machine and its new components.

This video from UTVonDemand gives a great demo on how to use the paddle shifters: 

2017 YXZ1000R SS Paddle Shifting Demonstration and SE Model Overview

Knowing how to use the paddle shifters ensures that you can correctly determine if you even have a transmission problem before you try to fix it.

2. Check the Transmission Fluid Levels

The first thing you’ll want to check if you are having problems with your Yamaha YXZ1000R transmission is whether you need to change the transmission fluid or top it off. Keeping the transmission fluid at the appropriate level for peak performance is essential. 

If you are having problems with your transmission, the fluids may be dirty or not at the appropriate levels. Make sure you maintain regularly scheduled transmission fluid changes if you notice issues with your transmission.

This video from Rough Riders shows you how to access your transmission fluid and change the fluids: 

YXZ 1000r Transmission Oil Change

Keep your fluid clean and full to fix any issues related to the transmission fluids.

3. Check To See if the Clutch Is Burned Out

Paddle shifters are one of the most exciting features of the Yamaha YXZ1000R (source). Unfortunately, as fun as it is to ride them, they sometimes have a reputation for having trouble with the clutch.

Here’s a video from AdrenalineJunkieProd showing the third time they’ve blown a clutch in their Yamaha YXR1000R: 

Strike 3 for the Yamaha YXZ - YXZ1000R Blows Another Clutch Playing in a Creek with Polaris RZR's

If you suspect your clutch has burned out or is having trouble, you will want to look at it. Once you’ve determined whether the clutch is the issue with your transmission, you will know if you need to replace it. 

4. Replace the Clutch

If you determine the issue is the clutch, it is time to put a new one on your machine. There are numerous options you purchase for your clutch. You can stick with the factory model that comes with the Yamaha YXZ1000R, or you can add a different clutch and see if you have better results. 

One common problem many riders complain of with the Yamaha YXZ1000R is that the clutch wears out quicker than some other side-by-side. Some racers opt to install a different clutch kit and have had great success over time by adding premium options to replace the standard clutch (source).

5. Check the Actuator Bolts

If you’re feeling trouble shifting gears and suspect a transmission problem, another thing you may want to check is to make sure that the actuator bolts aren’t loose. Adjusting the actuator bolts is a simple fix but something you’ll want to be sure to eliminate as a possibility. Use a wrench and tighten them up if they are loose.

6. Troubleshoot the Gear Assembly

If you’ve tried to identify the problem with your transmission and are still unsure what the culprit is, you may want to see if the issue has to do with the gear assembly. To do this, you’ll need to take the gear assembly out of your machine and examine it to see where the problem is. 

This video from Race Relentless shows how you can take out and examine the gear assembly in a Yamaha YXZ1000R: 

Transmission Removal And Teardown On Gladman's YXZ To Fix A Possible Broken 3rd Gear

As you can see, this may take some time, but removing the gear assembly and transmission from your machine is vital so you can take the proper steps to figure out the exact problem with your transmission. 

7. Check if a Gear Needs To Be Fixed

Now that you have taken the transmission assembly out of your Yamaha YXZ1000R, it’s time to determine which gear needs to be replaced. You’ll need to access the gears by taking the bolts from the housing around them. 

Once you have accessed the gears, you can start determining which gear needs to be fixed. You can see this by looking closely and noticing any visible wear and tear or damage to the gears.

8. Replace the Gear

If you find that it is damaged gear now, you can replace the gears in your Yamaha YXZ1000R. You can do this by yourself if you purchase a gear replacement set (source). Once you have purchased a gear replacement set, you can fix your transmission problems if this is the source of the issues. 

Final Thoughts

If you experience trouble shifting gears the next time you’re out riding on your Yamaha YXZ1000R, you may have a problem with your transmission. If you suspect a transmission problem, it’s crucial to identify and fix it immediately. 

I hope you learned enough from this article to help you the next time you suspect any problems you’re having are an issue with the transmission.

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