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3 Hisun Strike Transmission Problems and Fixes

3 Hisun Strike Transmission Problems and Fixes

A Hisun Strike is a great option for a youth utility terrain vehicle (UTV) to give your little one a chance to learn how to drive a terrain vehicle in a fun and safe way. Still, like any vehicle, you can occasionally encounter some problems with the transmission. Luckily, these transmission problems are usually relatively easy to fix. 

Common Hisun Strike transmission problems include a concerning noise coming from the transmission as you drive, stickiness, or the transmission slipping out of gear. You can fix these problems by replacing the malfunctioning parts. 

In the rest of this article, I’ll explain each of these transmission problems and how to fix them. I’ll also describe how to fix these problems so the transmission runs smoothly. This way, your little one can get back on the road in no time. 

1. There’s a Concerning Noise

If you notice a popping or grinding noise coming from the transmission whenever the vehicle is in use, this is usually a sign that the clearance of transmission gears is too big or that there isn’t a good connection between gear and face (source). 

A gear system with too much clearance can cause myriad unwanted behaviors from the vehicle, including chaotic motion and transmission problems (source).   

How To Fix

To fix this problem, you’ll have to replace the gears. Here is how to install a new transmission in a HISUN strike vehicle: 

  1. Acquire a new gear case from a bearing shop or online, and check it to ensure it is in good shape and has all the necessary bearings. 
  2. Clean the new gear case of all debris or old gasket material. 
  3. Check the gear shaft for any chips or burrs. 
  4. If you’ve determined that the main gear shaft is in good condition, slide it into the top bearing hole on the gear case. 
  5. Install the output shaft by sliding the spring-loaded side of the shaft into the right side of the gear case. 
  6. Check to ensure that the output shaft can rotate freely without interference from the main shaft. 
  7. Identify the countershaft. This shaft has three gears. Inspect the gears to ensure there’s no damage. 
  8. Insert the counter shaft into the case, with the smooth part facing the right side and the gear part facing the left. 
  9. Take the shift drum and slide it into the case.  
  10. Take the gear shift wheel and slide it into the correct hole on the gear case. 
  11. Test your work by using a screwdriver to rotate the shift drum. The clutches will start to crank and turn if everything is installed correctly. 

If you need a visual guide on how to install a new transmission into an engine, check out this video: 


If everything is replaced properly and with high-quality, undamaged parts, the transmission will work properly and without any concerning noise the next time you drive the UTV. 

2. The Transmission Is Sticking

Another common problem with Hisun Strike transmissions is that the gearshift sticks when you’re trying to shift gears. This can be extremely frustrating, especially for younger riders just learning to drive a UTV. 

This problem can arise from various issues. One cause could be that there isn’t enough transmission fluid, so the gears are locking up due to insufficient lubrication. You should replace your transmission fluid every 400 hours of vehicle use (source). Another possible explanation is that the oil filter isn’t working properly, so the transmission oil is contaminated and isn’t working as well as it should.  

Another possible cause for a sticky transmission is that the gears are too damaged or old to work as they should. The synchronizer gear teeth, in particular, get worn down relatively easily, and if they get too damaged, they won’t be able to sync with the hub sleeve. This wear causes stickiness when trying to shift gears. 

How To Fix

If the problem with your transmission is that the gears are too damaged or worn to work properly, you’ll need to replace them entirely. To do this, follow the steps I outlined above. 

If, however, you need to change the transmission fluid, follow these steps: 

  • Allow the vehicle to rest and cool down before you attempt to add any fluid. 
  • Raise the cargo bed of the vehicle and mount the safety support. 
  • Remove the drain plug to allow the old oil to drain. The drain plug is on the bottom of the case. Replace the plug after all the old oil is gone. 
  • Add new transmission oil. 

I recommend the Valvoline Synthetic Transmission Fluid (link to Amazon). I like this fluid because it has anti-wear technology that improves your transmission life and has enhanced high and low-temperature performance that supports the transmission in all kinds of weather and climates. 

If you need to replace the oil filter, I recommend this CHIKIA Oil Filter for Hisun UTV (link to Amazon). This filter is compatible with all Hisun Strike models and effectively cleans all contaminants from the engine oil and transmission oil.     

3. The Transmission Is Slipping Out of Gear

There’s no good time for transmission to slip out of gear, but it can be especially scary for young drivers. Unfortunately, this is a potential transmission problem with a Hisun Strike. 

You’ll have to inspect the transmission to determine which part of the system is failing. With slipping gears, the problem is most often with the shift drum, shift selector cable, or drive belt. Another potential cause of this problem is that the main and secondary clutches aren’t properly aligned.    

How To Fix

Once you’ve determined the likely cause of the slipping transmission, you’ll have to replace or fix the broken part. If you don’t feel comfortable doing the fix or replacement yourself, you can always enlist a professional to help. 

If you’ve determined that the drive belt is the problem, I recommend replacing it with this QYMOTO Hisun Drive Belt (link to Amazon). This belt is durable and exceeds the original equipment manufacturer’s specifications. The tensile strength helps prevent slipping and abnormal transmission noise.  

Starting problems are another common issue with the Hisun Strike 250. See my guide for some common solutions.

Key Takeaways 

All vehicles can have transmission problems, and a Hisun Strike is no different. The most common transmission problems include unwanted noise, stickiness, and gear slipping. These problems usually require a part replacement.

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