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Polaris RZR Speedometer Not Working? 4 Easy Fixes

Polaris RZR Speedometer Not Working? 4 Easy Fixes

The Polaris RZR is among the most popular side-by-side vehicles out there. However, one common problem that occasionally comes up for users is that the speedometer doesn’t work the way it should. Fortunately, there are several simple ways to fix a faulty speedometer, no matter what’s wrong with it.

If your Polaris RZR Speedometer isn’t working correctly, it could be due to disconnected wires, frayed or cut wires, or dust and debris. Try fixing your speed sensor and washing the instrument cluster with warm soapy water. If that doesn’t work, you may need to replace the cluster.

This article will detail potential reasons for–and fixes to–this common problem. You’ll be off-roading in your RZR again in no time.

1. Make Sure That Your Speed Sensor Is Connected Correctly

The most likely reason that your RZR speedometer isn’t working correctly also has the easiest fix. If your speed sensor has somehow fallen out of place, you may find that your speedometer is giving a reading of zero or a reading that is simply wrong.

The speed sensor is a black “puck” shaped plug near the RZR’s transmission (source). There are three wires connecting the sensor to the car’s computer.

There’s an easy way to tell if the speed sensor is the thing giving you an issue: press the vehicle’s check engine light, and the digital display will give you a number. Usually, an 84 or 85 means that the issue is related to the sensor. That said, make sure to check your vehicle’s user manual.

How To Fix

This is the easiest Polaris RZR speedometer problem to fix. Here’s how to make sure that your speed sensor is properly seated:

  1. Locate your speed sensor. You can find it in the rear right wheel well of the car.
  2. Reseat the sensor by clicking it into place or removing it entirely and then replacing it.
  3. Test the speedometer again by turning on the vehicle.

If that hasn’t fixed your speedometer, but the display is still showing 84 or 85, the issue may be related to your speed sensor’s wiring instead.

2. Check That Wires Aren’t Frayed or Disconnected

If that hasn’t fixed your speedometer issues, you may find that it’s not the speed sensor causing you problems but the wires connecting it to your RZR.

If you’ve located the sensor, you already know where the wires connecting it are. All you have to do is determine whether or not they are damaged or disconnected.

How To Fix

First, check the connection points on all your wires. It’s possible they simply fell out of place while you were on a rough ride! Even if you can’t tell just by looking whether the wires have fallen out or not, pull them all out and gently push them back in.

If that doesn’t work, examine the wires attached to the sensor. Any number of things can cause damage to the wiring of a side-by-side, from regular wear and tear to animals chewing through them. If you have experience with soldering and repairing wires themselves, you might be able to fix them.

Otherwise, it might be time to replace the speed sensor entirely. If your vehicle is new or under warranty, you can call Polaris, and they’ll usually send you a replacement free of charge (source).

This video demonstrates how to replace a speed sensor with ease:

How to Fix A Polaris Ranger Speedometer That Will Not Work/Jumps Erratically Code 84

3. Wash Your Instrument Cluster With Warm Soapy Water

If the problem doesn’t seem to be related to the speed sensor or the wiring connections, the problem may be related to the speedometer itself.

The speedometer sits on the instrument cluster on the dashboard. The instrument cluster on any car will have crucial info for the driver, including the fuel gauge and the tachometer.

Here’s a video detailing what the typical instrument cluster on a Polaris RZR’s dashboard will look like:

RZR Trail /Trail S Instrument Cluster Overview | Polaris RZR®

Off-roading vehicles are more susceptible to getting dirt into all their nooks and crannies, including their instrument cluster. Even if your speedometer is working fine, you may want to get into the habit of cleaning it out every time you wash your vehicle. Anything making these gauges harder to see for the driver is a hazard.

How To Fix

Although many products out there claim to clean your instrument cluster better than anything else, Polaris recommends that you only use warm soapy water and a cloth rag (source). Other products with harsh chemicals can contribute to hairline cracks in the material and make the cluster eventually unusable.

Take a rag, dip it in soapy water, and gently wipe away all visible dirt and grime from the dashboard. Then test the car out again and see if your speedometer works.

4. Replace the Instrument Cluster

If none of the fixes prior worked, the issue may simply be a faulty instrument cluster. This can be frustrating because there is little you can do to fix it yourself, especially if you’ve only just gotten your RZR.

That said, this doesn’t spell the end for your Polaris RZR! 

How To Fix

Laymen won’t be able to fix the delicate electrical work of an instrument cluster, so the best thing to do is call Polaris and request a new one. Again, check your warranty to see if you can get it for a discount or even for free. 

The instrument cluster can be replaced with a screwdriver. Consult your user manual for directions on where the screws connect the cluster to the dashboard.


If you have trouble with the speedometer of your Polaris RZR, there are many things you can do to fix it. Take a look at your speed sensor to make sure it’s properly wired and plugged in and that your instrument cluster is clean.

A working speedometer is critical to your safety, so make sure you fix it before taking your RZR out for a ride!

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